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Rockets of Awesome Launches Using Salazar Packaging Custom Printed E-Commerce Boxes

One color with screen exterior

As I have often said, one the best parts about what we do is having the opportunity to work with really great, really cool new companies and products. It has never been truer than with one of our newest client customers, www.RocketsofAwesome.com

They are a great new company offering very stylish clothes at a great price for children sizes 2 through 14. Check out their site for a complete explanation of how their program works.

A Company with an Eye for Detail

What first impressed us about Rockets of Awesome was how meticulous they were being about every detail of their packaging design. Everything from the gently fading blue sky … Read More

Your Shipping Container Begins the “Wow” in Gift Giving!

Golub 1

Golub Capital is a very impressive financial firm with an equally impressive list of clients. When they decided to send out a seasonal gift to some of their best friends, they wanted to ship it in packaging that would enhance the overall customer experience, not detract from it.

Combining Presentation and Protection in Packaging for Shipping

It is not always easy to present multiple products in one shipment and be sure they arrive in one piece. Nothing ruins a good idea or intention like shipping damage.

We worked with the people at Golub to create a custom insert that would separate the glass bottles being shipped from the heavy steel … Read More

Change the Look of Your Subscription or E-commerce Box by Changing Board or Ink Colors

Black to purple on white for a totally new look

The best part of making this change is that there is little or no cost to changing either the board color or the ink color(s) we print on your box.

Why Change Colors of your Custom Printed Shipping Box?

It could be a total new look that perhaps includes a logo change or an overall color palette change. Late last year we decided our logo and tag line needed updating and made the change resulting in great customer response. Brands evolve over time and you do not have to live with something you are less than pleased with or is outdated.

You may have a seasonal or promotional reason to … Read More

Authenticity 50 – Doing Bedding and E-commerce Boxes right!

one color on white interior

One of the really neat new companies we have the privilege of working with is www.Authenticity50.com, a manufacturer of high quality, 100% USA made bedding. A visit to their web site will convince you they are the type of company you want to do business with and their bedding is something you can look forward to at the end of a long day.

I recently saw their finished box in our office and I took notice on how well it turned out. It is not even about the graphic design, which is attractive and somewhat understated. It is how well the graphics are laid out and how they include … Read More

Corrugated Shipping Box Choice: white or natural kraft (brown) board

same print and color on white and brown board

“Don’t you have any colored boxes?” is a common question from e-commerce and subscription box brand owners looking for shipping boxes that are lavender, black, hot pink or just about every other possible color. The fact is that the only two “standard” (non-printed) colors for corrugated board are white and natural Kraft which is essentially brown. Every other color has to be printed on the board, usually on Kraft board, but sometimes printing over white board is the better option.

The advantages of natural Kraft (brown) corrugated board

The biggest advantage is that it is natural and does not have to be printed or processed into that color. So the … Read More

Subscription Boxes: Cost Estimates versus Quotes

XXL 3d render of a cartoon character thinking about a solution.

Most of the e-commerce and subscription box start-ups who call or email us are understandably interested in finding out what their packaging is going to cost them. In an effort to provide help and guidance, we have written much on the topic as you can see by the related posts below. One of the most common areas of confusion is the distinction between an estimate and a quote.

Subscription Box Cost Estimates

These are typically preliminary numbers that we can provide with minimal information. With years of experience, and hundreds of e-commerce and subscription boxes successfully launched, the figures we offer tend to prove out fairly accurate but they are … Read More

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