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Custom Printed Subscription Boxes, Do Not Have to Be Boxes

Branded mailer envelopes for clothing

It may sound silly or even counterproductive for one of the top providers of custom printed mailer boxes to suggest using a different form of packaging but we do it almost every single day. There is a mistaken perception out there that a box is the only way to go but many of our customers find mailer envelopes can provide numerous benefits including:

  1. Compared to boxes, mailer envelopes are usually less expensive to buy
  2. Envelopes are typically less expensive to store and ship (inbound)
  3. They are usually less expensive to ship to your customer (out bound)
  4. Require less labor and ancillary package
  5. In many cases, have lower minimums for custom printing

Unpadded Paper Mailer Envelopes

These are a great example of a packaging product that people are using in place … Read More

The Truth About Recycled Plastic Bags – An Interview with Command Packaging’s Pete Grande

Pete Grande

Pete Grande is the Founder & CEO of Command Packaging. Located in the Los Angeles area, he has seen many changes in the packaging industry over the past 27 years he’s been in business. We sat down with him to learn from a true expert in the field of American made recycled plastic bags.

Nashville Wraps: What is the biggest myth about plastic bags? Why do they have such a bad rap?

Pete Grande: There are two big myths: that Plastic bags are not recyclable and that they are the cause of significant environmental damage. It is true that plastic bags have a low (5%) recycling rate, but the reason for that is they are inherently reusable, so most people use them for other things like trash can liners, Read More

E-Commerce and Subscription Boxes that Make a Great Impression with Unique Inside Prints

Luxily one color on white inside print

If you look at some of the top custom printed boxes, many have been printed by us and most of those have great looking inside prints. Whether it is a well worded message, a simple thank you or an eye catching random repeat print, our customers continue to show off their creativity, inside the box where it will do the most good.

Why Do We Recommend Inside Prints over Outside Prints?

No matter how beautifully we print your box and how carefully you pack it, it typically arrives at your customers showing considerable road wear. Finger prints, smudges and scuffs are all obvious, especially on a white box, compared to a Kraft (brown) exterior. In addition, the usual shipping label is 4” wide X 6” long so it tends to … Read More

Packaging for Sustainable Body Care and Cosmetics


Over recent years there has been a shift in the beauty industry towards natural and more sustainable products. Consumers are driving this change by looking for more transparency in the products they are willing to spend their money on. Modern consumers are more conscious of what they are putting onto their skin and hair, and they are also considering the environmental impact of the products they are choosing to purchase.

The beauty industry has kept up with these demands for transparency and sustainability by moving towards cruelty-free practices and certifications, using organic and non-GMO ingredients, and creating vegan products.

It is also important for businesses in the beauty industry to consider how their products are packaged. Packaging is often the first experience a potential customer will have with Read More

Branding Options for Low Volume Corrugated Packaging Applications

One color flexo on Kraft

Compared to many box producers, our minimum for most custom printed box applications using a flexographic print process is a very low 1,000 boxes. (See first “related post” below) However, we know that for many startup companies seeking branded packaging, 1,000 boxes is a stretch and impractical, especially if they are still in pre-launch mode.

In fact, because we realize the financial impact of a premature and perhaps incorrect branded packaging decision, we have gone to great lengths to help customers avoid a commitment they may regret. (See second “related post” below)

Unprinted Boxes with Custom Printed Labels

This is highly recommended for companies that may only need a handful to a couple of hundred boxes. Using a stock (unprinted) box from our Globe Guard Products store or someone else’s … Read More

Non-GMO Packaging and Labeling

NGP Licensing Agreement Template

If you shop in or supply to natural food stores, you’ve probably seen products labeled “Non-GMO” or “GMO-Free”. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms, and refers to food that has been artificially altered at the genetic level. Common GMO foods include soy, canola, corn, and sugar beets. The Non-GMO Project website has more information about GMO foods, and they offer the only third party verification and labeling for non-GMO food in the US.

Because GMOs are a relatively new science, the foods altered in this way could potentially contain unknown risks that could affect us and our environment. Biodiversity is one of the things that is put at risk by GMOs, heritage seeds are no longer used and a cycle of dependence is created on GMO seeds and pesticides (see … Read More

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