Green Washing at Nashville Wraps?

Green WashingCan you save 15% on car insurance? Is green washing at Nashville Wraps hard to believe? You betcha!

Recently, a comment came to my attention that posed an interesting question. Basically, the comment was, “How is it that Nashville Wraps is the ‘Leader in Eco-Friendly Packaging’ but you mail catalogs in a plastic bag?”

I just love questions like this because the answer may not be exactly what you would expect.

Not everyone gets a Nashville Wraps catalog

Nashville Wraps is a mailer of catalogs. While we may not boast about it, there are lots of behind-the-scenes measures we have to ensure that we are not in the junk mail business and that we remain very green way beyond the call.

To start with, we do not mail a catalog to everyone. We only mail them to recent customers and to those who ask for one. For others, like customers we haven’t heard from in a while, we send email with a mailing opt-in request. If a person doesn’t opt-in, they don’t get a catalog mailed. Only mailing catalogs to people who want them saves a tremendous amount of resources and keeps everyone greener.

But to the crux of the issue… that darn plastic bag

When anything “plastic” is associated with a green company it automatically sets off an alarm. But putting a catalog into a poly bag is much greener than mailing it alone (it gets torn up) or especially putting it into a mailing envelope. A typical 9″×12″ manila envelope alone weighs 0.70 oz., but a 9″×12″ poly bag only weighs 0.14 ounce, or about 1/5 of the paper.  We mail about 1,500 catalogs a week, and using the poly bags saves 53 pounds of envelopes, the fuel to carry them and an extra ounce of postage on each one. But whether we use paper or plastic, they are both 100% recyclable.

If that still isn’t green enough just because the bags we use are “plastic,” then I’d say you haven’t been reading our mail to begin with. Not only does the plastic (poly) bag have the lowest carbon footprint to recycle, ours are (1) made in the USA, (2)  are not made from oil, (3) are made from a by-product of natural gas and (4) are the easiest packaging product to recycle no matter what. Plus, we will gladly take them back if you do not have a recycling facility in your community.

We use 144,000 pounds of paper a year to print catalogs

The Nashville Wraps® catalog is printed on a minimum of 10% recycled paper. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it amounts to 15,000 pounds of paper that got recycled and reused. But what about the other 90%? It is derived from well managed North American forests and is in fact FSC certified. Managed forests are a renewable green resource, where new trees are always replaced for every one harvested. Trees used in our catalog have never been a part of a large-scale clear cutting, which adversely affects the soil, water basin and wildlife.

The only green washing you’ll get at Nashville Wraps is if you do our laundry

Nashville Wraps® and Green Way–Packaging with Purpose® brands take a no-nonsense approach to both the product lines and living our lives, doing our work in an environmentally conscience manner. We talk about recycling because we recycle. We promote plastic bags because we have physically recycled them ourselves (at the recycler). And just like country music…we were green before green was cool.

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