Globe Guard® Adds Unpadded Poly Mailers to Complete Mailer Product Group

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Salazar Packaging and Globe Guard® Products are pleased to announce the addition of a new line of unpadded poly mailer envelopes to the Globe Guard® line. This provides customers with a complete selection of mailer envelope options including the following.

Poly unpadded mailer envelopes

Our new product is constructed of a minimum of 50% and a maximum of 88% recycled content and is fully recyclable as #4 LDPE plastic waste. It features a “peel and seal” adhesive strip, just like our other mailer envelope products. It is now a stock item on our green packaging store and is available in eight popular sizes. This product is ideal for customers who want moisture protection and the lightest possible mailer weight to help minimize shipping costs.

Poly padded (cushioned) mailer envelopes

This is also available in eight stock sizes and features a bubble-lined interior to provide lightweight cushioning for fragile products. These mailers are constructed of varying recycled content, so no minimum RC is offered, however they are also fully recyclable as #4 (LDPE) plastic waste. They, too, provide moisture resistance and the lightest possible (cushioned) shipping weight.

Paper unpadded mailers

These are one of our most popular products and are available in ten Kraft and fifteen white mailer sizes in flat or gussetted construction. They are also able to be custom printed in one-case minimum. These mailers are made of a minimum of 50% recycled content and are ideal for green shippers who want to avoid the use of plastic to ship their green products to green-minded consumers.

Paper Padded (Cushioned) Mailers

This product line is made of 100% recycled content inside and out. The protective cushioning fill is made of 100% (PCW) shredded newsprint. This is a stock item in eight popular sizes and is one of the most popular eco friendly products we offer.

Pharmaceutical bottles in 7.5 X 10.5 poly mailer


Why Use Mailer Envelopes, and Why Are Mailers Green Compared to Using Corrugated  Boxes?

The answers to those two questions are really one and the same whether your focus is saving money or saving the environment.

Applications and results may vary, but mailer envelopes generally are green because they typically use fewer packaging materials and less of them. For example, in most cases when you use a shipping box, you also use tape to seal it and void fill material to fill the excess space.

Our mailer envelopes all feature a peel and seal strip eliminating the need for tape. And since they are flexible, they tend to conform to the size and shape of the contents, eliminating the need for void fill. Also, consider the labor costs required by shipping boxes (packing, taping, etc.) compared to easy-to-use mailers. You can also factor in shipping and storage costs both inbound (to you) and out bound (to your customer).

Please contact us for a free, no cost/no obligation application review so we can help you determine the best shipping solution for you and your products. We also invite you to browse our store and our Inside Sustainable Packaging blog where you will find a variety of posts offering money saving advice, discounts and solutions to help you make your packaging greener. For example, on our ISP blog you will currently find a post that includes a discount code for 20% off on these new poly mailers.

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