New Stone Wrap Treeless Gift Wrap is Literally Made from Rock!

Stone WrapRemember playing Rock – Paper – Scissors? That is truly what our newest line of gift wraps are made from – rock, actually limestone. So technically it’s rock paper.

Stone Wrap ® Treeless Paper is like no other wrapping paper you’ve tried. It is made from 75% limestone and 25% polyethylene.  This environmentally responsible wrap is a reclaimed by-product of the mining industry that would have been discarded. This paper is made without water or bleach and is recyclable. It’s made in the USA from imported material.

 It has a vinyl feel to it with a luxurious matte finish and cuts and wraps beautifully with no jagged edges like regular paper. It’s also waterproof, so packages won’t get ruined in the snow or rain. The best part of all are the beautiful designs it comes in including Chevron, Polka Dot, Tiles and super fun Christmas designs like Mad for Plaid, Whoo-lidays (Owls) and Deerly Holiday. New designs will be added Mad for Plaidfor Spring 2014.

Stone Wrap ® is available in 417’ counter rolls and 85’ convenience rolls all 30” wide which is great for extra-large gifts. We also offer resale rolls for your store soHoliday Stripes you can provide gift wrap for sale to your customers. You get 24 assorted rolls (4 rolls each of 6 designs) for $54 per case ($2.25 each). They are shrink- wrapped, bar-coded and pre-priced for resale at $4.95 each. Current designs include: Holiday Classic, Winter Fun, Chevron Mix & Patterns Galore. This is a good profit making opportunity for your shop this season. Order yours today by following the link:

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