Earth Day: Three Reasons Why Subscription and E-Commerce Packaging Matter

Earth Day

We did not set out eight years ago to become a national leader in custom printed and branded e-commerce and subscription boxes but quite gratefully, it has turned-out that way.

We think it is at least in part because of our early understanding of the role this type of consumer packaging plays in the overall environment. With the incredibly fast rise of web based marketing and order fulfillment, the sheer volume alone dictates that we all assume some level of responsibility and Earth Day is a great time to remind ourselves and others what we do and why we do it.

While healing and protecting the environment is an incredibly complex challenge, we tend to typically take a simplistic approach making it as easy as possible for people to understand and adopt.

Here are three great reasons to review the packaging you ship out:

Eco Consistency – this is a term we first coined over seven years ago and it simply means your packaging should be consistent with your marketing and it should also reflect your values. We do not judge but we do encourage others to self-assess and determine if they are sending out a consistent or mixed message.

For example, shipping out organic beef to a green minded consumer, in an EPS foam cooler may not be the best option. Or shipping organic cotton baby clothes in a poly mailer envelope, to an environmentally concerned new parent, may turn off an otherwise long-term happy customer.

Designed to Avoid the Landfill – The packaging that conveniently ships to our homes is varied and voluminous, compared to the retail packaging we might otherwise pick up at the store. It takes more to cushion, protect, and yes, present the product in an effort to enhance the customer experience.

That means there is much more packaging used and this is especially true with subscription boxes where repeated and regularly scheduled deliveries are being made. Once again, adopting the KISS principle, our approach is use as much recycled content as possible and make the packaging easy to recycle or better yet, reuse.

Better, Greener Packaging Options are Affordable and Available – Back in 2007 when we started our company, the biggest complaints people had about sourcing eco-friendly packaging were its limited availability and the outrageous pricing some manufacturers were charging for their green washed packaging products.

I am pleased to say that eight years later, earth friendly packaging options are almost routine, with very competitive prices and are readily available. The manufacturers and suppliers committed to the green packaging market have worked to reduce cost and “green packaging” is no longer an expensive, unaffordable option. For example – our standard boxes have a recycled content varying from 40% to as much as 100% PCW. Plus they are printed with water based inks and are also 100% recyclable, re-pulpable, and are quite likely to end up as new Globe Guard® corrugated boxes and mailers.

Earth Day 2015

Sure we still have a long way to go but we have also accomplished much in terms of creating and using packaging that does more good than harm. Every customer application is different, so if you would like to discuss your specific needs and objectives please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700.

All of us at Salazar Packaging and Globe Guard Products wish you a Happy Earth Day!

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