Classic Eco-Friendly Packaging in Kraft, Black or White

Guest post by Priscilla Medders – Graphic Designer – Nashville Wraps

Kraft PackagingMany times less really is more when it comes to packaging. Simple bags or boxes embellished with a combination of plain black, white and kraft make for a clean, modern style. It’s a bit like a black and white photo: classic, timeless, even a little sophisticated. It also happens to be a very budget-friendly and earth-friendly option, using inexpensive materials like recycled kraft paper and twine.

If you like, you can print some simple labels on a laser printer, using sheets of plain address labels from an office supply store, including a logo in plain black and white (try this effect on your own logo!).

Chalkboard BagsThe textures of the materials really had a chance to shine since I wasn’t relying on color or pattern to give this packaging extra oomph. From the glossy black of our shipping boxes (top, left) combined with a matte label and cotton bakers twine, to the recycled kraft bag with a crisp white label and a rustic twine bow, this no-frills approach would be right at home in both a country store and an upscale boutique.

Why not try using rolls of white and natural kraft paper for a wonderful gift wrap? It’s not just for packing. Available in different widths and in quantities like 840 or 1100 feet, one roll of this versatile stuff might last you quite a while! W especially love the “minimal” look created by a plain white bow on white gift wrap, a black raffia bow on a black box, or even some natural twine tied around brown kraft wrap.

Add a little chalk marker, and our Chalkboard Gift Wrap or Black Shadow Stripe Kraft Gift Wrap looks just like a chalkboard! See our entire Chalkboard Collection here! You can also use these markers, available at most craft supply stores or online like our favorite Chalk Ink, on our 100% Recycled Black Kraft Shopping Bags or Black Merchandise Bags. Top the gift with some of our new Burlap Twine for an adorable, handmade look. And don’t be concerned if your lettering doesn’t look “perfect” – that’s part of the charm!

Listed below are a few more earth-friendly supplies!

Black Jewelry BoxesPaper Raffia RibbonRecycled White Fusion Paper Shopping BagsCrinkle Paper RibbonRecycled Tissue

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