Temperature Controlled, Custom Printed Die cut Mailers – Beyond RSC style shipping boxes

insulated die cut mailersThere are a lot of places that you can buy RSC style (EPS/Styrofoam) cooler boxes for shipping food, pharmaceuticals, or anything that requires temperature control but there is only one place you can buy Globe Guard® boxes with ecofriendly insulating foam inserts that are biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable. However, what do you do when an RSC shipping box is not enough? What if you want a shipping container that is more secure and/or is branded to create a better impression to your customers?

Salazar Packaging combines their experience designing and creating custom printed and custom size die cut mailers with their exclusive line of Globe Guard insulated containers to deliver an attractive shipping container that is both branded and able to hold the desired temperature for the required length of time. Click here to see current RSC stock sizes or visit our Globe Guard Products, green packaging store.

Die cut mailer with moisture resistant inside coatingCustom Size and Custom Printed Die Cut presentation Boxes

This program works identically to our non-cooler semi-custom die cut mailer program. If you can use a size we already have a cutting die available for, you save around $800 and we make your boxes with our available die at no die cost to you. If however, you want or need a custom size mailer box, a custom die will be necessary.

In either case a print plate will be required that is typically a onetime charge of approx. $400 to $600 per color, but is subject to review of your artwork. As always, the minimum for custom printing any of our die cut mailers is 1,000 boxes.

The insulating, biodegradable foam inserts are made to whatever inside dimensions your mailer box is, and they can be made of 1”, 1-1/2” or 2” thick foam, depending on the application temperature requirements.

For an additional cost, the foam and boxes can be preassembled and ready to use or shipped flat to conserve shipping/storage space and associated costs.

Can we create biodegradable, insulating foam inserts for a mailer you provide?

Absolutely! If you have a printed or plain mailer box that you already use and you would like us to create inserts for it, we can probably do that depending on the box size and style, as well as the thickness of the foam you need. Minimums will apply but we will be glad to review your needs and quote them for you.

Please contact Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 to discuss your specific application. Plain or printed, custom or stock size, we are certain to be able to satisfy your unique temperature controlled packaging application.

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