Are Salazar Packaging and Green Packaging Group the Same Company? Who To Contact for Your Specific Packaging Needs

At least once a week an inquiring potential customer is surprised when I introduce myself over the phone as “Michael at Salazar Packaging.” The response is typically some version of the following: “Salazar Packaging? I thought I was calling the number for Green Packaging Group. Are you the same company?”

We understand the confusion, especially when you consider that we are represented across 4 packaging websites which include 3 blogs and a variety of different products and services. To better understand who we are and what it is we do, please read the descriptions below.


Who is Salazar Packaging?

We are now entering our 13th year of business as one of the leaders in branded sustainable packaging. We specialize in being one of the only true one-stop-shops for packaging needs for ecommerce, subscription and DTC businesses. Our focus is on each specific packaging application and balancing protection with presentation, creating beautifully designed branded shipping boxes, envelopes, display boxes and more.

With over 50 years of combined experience among our staff of branded packaging advisors, our “special sauce” is that we have the expertise to find solutions for our customers and, pardon the pun, think outside of the box. The best way to find out more about us is to visit our About Us page, as well as our gallery on our newly redesigned website, showing examples of just a few of our success stories over the years.



What is Globe Guard® Products?

Globe Guard ® Products is the online webstore for all stock unprinted products offered by Salazar Packaging for immediate purchase. Anything from mailer boxes and envelopes, to paperboard cartons and envelopes, to box sealers and more are available in small quantities, stocked and ready to ship, typically within 48 hours. All products are eco-friendly, recyclable and made from varying recycled content. You can purchase directly from the website, or contact us here with any and all questions regarding our products.



What is Digital Box Printer?

In the Summer of 2017, Salazar Packaging launched our newest website,, to help educate and inform potential customers regarding our digital printing capabilities. The same experience and expertise that Salazar Packaging has always provided for flexographic printed ecommerce boxes is now available for digital printing with advances in equipment and technology. This includes the ability to print a combination of flexographic and digital inside or outside.

In late 2019 we also added a blog to expand on the information we can provide, based on our experience across various projects and success stories. You can find the new blog here, and contact us to help assist with your digital printing needs.


What is Green Packaging Group?

As stated on the About Us page, the objective of Green Packaging Group is toDeliver an all-encompassing source of products, information and resources related to our shared focus of green packaging to eco-minded customers and business owners alike.” Green Packaging group is not in itself a company, but rather a collection of industry leaders. Salazar Packaging, along with its stock webstore, Globe Guard ® Products are featured on the site, along with Nashville Wraps, a company that specializes in green gift, gourmet and retail packaging, such as gift boxes, ribbons and bags. The blog post you are now reading is just one of well over 200 that help guide the reader to the answers and solutions they seek.



Please Contact Us Today

We understand that often times the packaging industry is complex and confusing, but we are here to help. As always, if you have any questions, one of our branded packaging advisors is standing by to assist, with decades of experience behind them. Want to know more about custom packaging? Please call us today at 630-551-1700 or contact us via email at


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