Genial Day Enhances Customer Experience using Triple White Board

one-color-over-white-exteriorGenial Day is a new company in the USA who was determined to make a great impression on both their retail and potential e-commerce customers alike. In addition they wanted great graphics, and for a retail application, that often leads to paperboard rather than corrugated. However they also require a strong box that is not going to be easily crushed or damaged. Strong, yet attractive?

E-flute Board for a less “Industrial” look

Many of our largest and best customers use E-flute corrugated board because they know it is every bit as strong as thicker B-flute, but has a sleeker, more retail look, making it ideal for e-commerce and subscription box programs.

To make e-flute even more attractive, we often spec “double white” board inside and outside, providing the best possible printing surface in and out, and eliminating that “brown box” look.

brown-fluting-exampleThe problem with double white corrugated board is that the medium, the layer of fluting in-between the white (inner and outer sheets), is still brown so when the box is die cut, that brown edge is exposed and visible (see photo).

A Softer, Retail Look for Genial Day

We showed this customer triple white board where the fluting is white as well as the inner and out board. The end result is a much more finished look with no die cut brown edges. You can see how much sharper that looks with their purple and white color scheme.


To learn more about this great new company and see their excellent Kickstarter video, please check out this link.

Triple White is Not for Everyone!

Please keep in mind that triple white board is indeed more expensive, but if you are shipping expensive personal care products, cosmetics or jewelry and presentation is important to you, it may prove worth the additional cost.

The other thing that may be an issue is that like any specialty board, there is a minimum that has to be met. The minimum is related to square footage and box size but for most e-commerce boxes the minimum can vary from around 7,000 to as much as 12,000 per box size.

Call One of Our Branded Packaging Advisors Today!

Whatever your volume or the level of WOW factor you are trying to achieve, we can help you find the most economical way to get there. Print out, print in, double white, triple white are just a few of the products and techniques we can use to help you create a great looking box at minimal cost.

However, our greatest resource for you is our staff of people where we measure experience in decades. Please contact us at Salazar Packaging or call us at 630-551-1700 for a no cost, no obligation review of your needs.

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