Salazar Packaging Inc, Globe Guard Products and Nashville Wraps—three like-minded packaging businesses and brands converging under one common objective:

Deliver an all-encompassing source of products, information and resources related to our shared focus of green packaging to eco-minded customers and business owners alike.

Green Packaging Group—a B2B green packaging directory and reference library, combines these focused efforts in a newly renovated, fully re-envisioned website built around the same objective as the day it was found six years ago. The new site—now mobile friendly—features eight different product categories with interactive image animations. Every item displayed is linked to the distributing company website from which they can be viewed, further researched and/or purchased.

Since its inception, Green Packaging Group has been a valuable and accessible resource for countless businesses. With our “new look”, same consistent commitment to sustainability and willingness to share our vast experience and knowledge, we hope to continue to guide and lead together while growing and developing as individual businesses.

In addition to green products, each participating vendor company has also made a commitment over the years to educate visitors with content contributions to our community blog. Robby Meadows and Buffie Baril of Nashville Wraps, in combined effort with Dennis Salazar of Salazar Packaging Inc. and Globe Guard Products, have produced well over 150 blog posts on the subjects of green packaging and sustainability. Their combined insights and experience as industry leaders are unmatched, and sharing the value of such knowledge is the foundation from which Green Packaging Group was built.

Through our blog writing, we maintain an effort to go beyond product plugs and provide readers with expert advice, guidance and information to help them make the best product or process choice for their specific application. After all, what value is a great green packaging product if it is used incorrectly or perhaps is truly not the best choice for the application?

Green Packaging Group has undergone a change, but our mindset has not. We hope you enjoy the improved navigation and visual arrangement of the new site and look forward to your feedback, suggestions for improvement and other comments. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.




Thank you,
Dennis Salazar
President of Salazar Packaging, Inc.
and Globe Guard