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Genial Day Enhances Customer Experience using Triple White Board


Genial Day is a new company in the USA who was determined to make a great impression on both their retail and potential e-commerce customers alike. In addition they wanted great graphics, and for a retail application, that often leads to paperboard rather than corrugated. However they also require a strong box that is not going to be easily crushed or damaged. Strong, yet attractive?

E-flute Board for a less “Industrial” look

Many of our largest and best customers use E-flute corrugated board because they know it is every bit as strong as thicker B-flute, but has a sleeker, more retail look, making it ideal for e-commerce and subscription box … Read More

What Are the Two Biggest Mistakes E-commerce Entrepreneurs Make?

shipping cost

We have helped hundreds of subscription box and e-commerce companies get started and work with many businesses, large and small, this is a question I am asked quite often. My answer never varies because we have witnessed many companies err in two critical areas:

  1. They grossly underestimate the impact of outbound shipping cost on their business.
  2. They place no monetary value on their own hard work and time.

The Importance of Shipping Cost

Unless you are shipping out something small, flat, and light weight (example – a gift certificate), your shipping costs may be the greatest single cost you will experience. I find it ironic that people will at times … Read More

Change the Look of Your Subscription or E-commerce Box by Changing Board or Ink Colors

Black to purple on white for a totally new look

The best part of making this change is that there is little or no cost to changing either the board color or the ink color(s) we print on your box.

Why Change Colors of your Custom Printed Shipping Box?

It could be a total new look that perhaps includes a logo change or an overall color palette change. Late last year we decided our logo and tag line needed updating and made the change resulting in great customer response. Brands evolve over time and you do not have to live with something you are less than pleased with or is outdated.

You may have a seasonal or promotional reason to … Read More

How to Achieve a Retail Look on Your E-Commerce Packaging for Clothing and Apparel

dark brown over white mailer box

To expand their market, many brick and mortar clothing companies are now also offering their products via the internet, while others completely bypassed the physical shop approach and are web/e-commerce only. What they both have in common is a need and desire to create that retail experience in a shipping container. Unfortunately most brown boxes are boring and today it is all about reinforcing the brand and enhancing customer experience. Another challenge is overcoming what is often a brutal trip to the customer via USPS, FedEx or UPS. Even when the container looks great as it leaves the shipper’s facility, it often arrives dirty, scuffed, and banged up. Not at … Read More

Nashville Wraps Offers Many Choices for Legal Bags

Green Way Nashville Wrap

When the city of Austin, Texas implemented a ban on single-use bags in 2013, local retailers had to make major changes in their packaging. The Austin bag ban required retailers to offer either reusable bags, paper bags made from at least 80% recycled paper or plastic bags with a minimum thickness of 4.0 mil. Gift shop Monkey See, Monkey Do was on board with the change. General manager Steven Almaguer says, “Austin is definitely environmentally progressive in several ways and part of the city’s motivation for the bag ban was the amount of litter we see along the highways.”

“I chose Nashville Wraps because they’ve got every bag and box … Read More

Custom Printed Subscription Boxes, Do Not Have to Be Boxes

Branded mailer envelopes for clothing

It may sound silly or even counterproductive for one of the top providers of custom printed mailer boxes to suggest using a different form of packaging but we do it almost every single day. There is a mistaken perception out there that a box is the only way to go but many of our customers find mailer envelopes can provide numerous benefits including:

  1. Compared to boxes, mailer envelopes are usually less expensive to buy
  2. Envelopes are typically less expensive to store and ship (inbound)
  3. They are usually less expensive to ship to your customer (out bound)
  4. Require less labor and ancillary package
  5. In many cases, have lower minimums for custom
Read More

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