Lessons from Chain of Custody (CoC) to Improve Sustainable Handmade Packaging

Handmade packagingThe Chain of Custody-inspired initiative at Distant Village introduces an exciting dimension to sustainable packaging.

As a brief refresher, Chain of Custody (CoC) refers to the chronological documentation and proof regarding extraction, custody, control, transfer, analysis and disposition of sustainable forest material. In the paper world, it ensures the paper buyer that the paper pulp used for the paper originated from a sustainably managed forest.

As you may know, Distant Village is a devout follower of 3BL sustainability, with an emphasis on transparency of environmental preservation as well as fair trade community and social support.

Distant Village, inspired by the transparency of CoC principles, is adapting a chain of custody approach for the Manila hemp that is used in its packaging within an artisan community.  That means we can tell you the details — the where’s, the who’s and the how’s of our hemp fiber used for paper making.

Authentic Sustainable Packaging

Any sustainable packaging item from Distant Village can now have its own custody paper trail.  We know precisely where our plants were planted, grown, harvested and gathered, and how they were provided to our artisans.  This is just our initial step in continuously improving our chain of custody practices and transparency.

Indigenous Tribal GrowersWe are working closely with indigenous tribal peoples (pictured on the right) who plant, grow and harvest our sustainable hemp used in our paper products.  We also collaborate with our artisan friends who carve coconut buttons used on our boxes or our coconut shell products distributed by Nashville Wraps.

We believe every consumer has the right to know what they are buying and where it comes from.  But more than that, we all deserve transparency in knowing the 3BL impact of our decisions.  By being allowed to have a real connection with the source of the product, we can make better decisions.  In our modern world of rapid automation and massive corporations, this connection is getting lost.  We are getting that real human connection back on track.  Our clients are consciously asking and expecting answers, as they should.  And we are happy to provide answers.

Join the sustainability movement and bring local community awareness and a real human personal connection to EVERYTHING we buy, including your packaging.

For more information on how to improve sustainable messaging through packaging, contact Distant Village at 1-773-276-4554 or at email hidden; JavaScript is required

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