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100% Recycled Natural Brown Kraft is Back This Holiday!


Natural brown kraft bags and boxes are back this holiday season and bigger than ever. Whether you are using just plain kraft bags or dressing them up with a printed design, the look is all natural and in Nashville Wraps’ case – made from recycled paper.

Our Woodland Deer Collection is the perfect example of a nature inspired them placed on recycled kraft paper. This enchanting woodland scene with deer and red birds will last all winter for your retail packaging. Made in the USA, these bags are from 100% recycled brown kraft paper. This collection includes 90% recycled gift wrap, 100% recycled tissue paper and gift basket boxes.

Another … Read More

Corrugated Shipping Box Choice: white or natural kraft (brown) board

same print and color on white and brown board

“Don’t you have any colored boxes?” is a common question from e-commerce and subscription box brand owners looking for shipping boxes that are lavender, black, hot pink or just about every other possible color. The fact is that the only two “standard” (non-printed) colors for corrugated board are white and natural Kraft which is essentially brown. Every other color has to be printed on the board, usually on Kraft board, but sometimes printing over white board is the better option.

The advantages of natural Kraft (brown) corrugated board

The biggest advantage is that it is natural and does not have to be printed or processed into that color. So the … Read More

Eco-friendly Packaging for the Medical Marijuana Industry


As you may know, the legal marijuana industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. To date, four states have legalized retail marijuana, twenty-three states have legalized medical cannabis, and the industry is expected to grow further over the next five years.

There are many facets of the industry, including but not limited to – CBD edibles, prescription medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana. These new businesses bring with them some new sustainable packaging challenges, and each type of product has it’s own packaging and labeling needs requiring packaging expertise, especially as laws and regulations change and evolve.

Packaging Challenges

Due to the nature of the industry, … Read More

Subscription Boxes: Cost Estimates versus Quotes

XXL 3d render of a cartoon character thinking about a solution.

Most of the e-commerce and subscription box start-ups who call or email us are understandably interested in finding out what their packaging is going to cost them. In an effort to provide help and guidance, we have written much on the topic as you can see by the related posts below. One of the most common areas of confusion is the distinction between an estimate and a quote.

Subscription Box Cost Estimates

These are typically preliminary numbers that we can provide with minimal information. With years of experience, and hundreds of e-commerce and subscription boxes successfully launched, the figures we offer tend to prove out fairly accurate but they are … Read More

Add this Little Blue Box to Your Eco-Friendly Products

Aqua Blue Jewelry Boxes

It doesn’t get any prettier than new little blue boxes! Our customers have been requesting them, and we have delivered. They are in the most beautiful shade of aqua.

The best part is they are made from 100% recycled boxboard in the USA. This is the largest component of the box by weight and does not include the paper coverings. So these are a nice addition to your other eco-friendly products.

Available in both jewelry boxes and candy boxes, they can be used in multiple ways for beautiful gift and gourmet packaging. The Aqua Blue Jewelry Boxes have 2-piece rigid design with non-tarnish cotton fill. The ring boxes come with … Read More

Get Creative with Your New Subscription or E-Commerce Box Design!

one color on white subscription box

With several hundred boxes behind us, we have seen and helped create everything from soft and gentle to loud and bold. We have also had the opportunity to help our customers produce some very unique and memorable shipping containers including the following:

Pro Wrestling Crate – for the wrestling fan who can’t get enough, this is a great subscription box. You can check them out at and see their cool site and program. Their art design is a great example of how you can print one color over white and maximize the WOW factor. Once again proving you do not need a lot of colors to be memorable. Just … Read More

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