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Add this Little Blue Box to Your Eco-Friendly Products

Aqua Blue Jewelry Boxes

It doesn’t get any prettier than new little blue boxes! Our customers have been requesting them, and we have delivered. They are in the most beautiful shade of aqua.

The best part is they are made from 100% recycled boxboard in the USA. This is the largest component of the box by weight and does not include the paper coverings. So these are a nice addition to your other eco-friendly products.

Available in both jewelry boxes and candy boxes, they can be used in multiple ways for beautiful gift and gourmet packaging. The Aqua Blue Jewelry Boxes have 2-piece rigid design with non-tarnish cotton fill. The ring boxes come with … Read More

Get Creative with Your New Subscription or E-Commerce Box Design!

one color on white subscription box

With several hundred boxes behind us, we have seen and helped create everything from soft and gentle to loud and bold. We have also had the opportunity to help our customers produce some very unique and memorable shipping containers including the following:

Pro Wrestling Crate – for the wrestling fan who can’t get enough, this is a great subscription box. You can check them out at and see their cool site and program. Their art design is a great example of how you can print one color over white and maximize the WOW factor. Once again proving you do not need a lot of colors to be memorable. Just … Read More

Six Tips to Promote Your Brand with Eco-friendly Labels

brand promotion stickers

Your product label may be the first impression that potential customers have of your brand, and by combining sustainable product labels with your eco-friendly products and packaging you can demonstrate your brand’s commitment to sustainability. But you aren’t just limited to product labels, there are many different ways that you can use eco-friendly sticker labels to promote your brand, here are six creative tips and ideas:

TIP #1: Stickers at Events to Leave an Impression

Use recycled and recyclable stickers to hand out at an event, or simply give out stickers with your branding message or logo on them. Once your sticker is in the hands of a customer, they … Read More

Packaging for E-Juice or Vape

Vape in 4 bottle presentation box

As people attempt to overcome their addiction to cigarettes, or simply look for a more convenient, affordable and socially acceptable form of enjoying their habit, E-juice, or vape as it is often called, is growing into big business. You see the shops opening and unfortunately, often times quickly closing in many strip mall retail settings, while many more successfully reach that fast growing market through a low cost internet business.

Many agree E-commerce is the easiest, lowest cost road to success for selling E-juice and this of course creates a need for low cost, effective packaging. It also provides numerous packaging challenges because of the variety of bottle types and … Read More

A Woodcut Country Christmas Collection

Woodcut Christmas Collection

For a great country look this holiday season, Nashville Wraps Woodcut Christmas Collection is a charming option for your gift packaging. The shopping bags are made in the USA from 100% recycled brown kraft paper. The design is reminiscent of a woodcut look with charming icons like reindeer, pine cones, Christmas trees and snowflakes in brick red on brown kraft.

The recycled Woodcut Christmas shopping bags carry the Green Way® logo. The bags contain a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled content and are 100% recyclable. They are available in bulk cartons, mini packs or assortments to give you lots of options.

If you would like to resale these bags … Read More

Prototypes, samples and short runs for custom printed packaging

Rigid box with outer shipper prototypes

We are often asked if we can produce a few boxes, samples, prototypes, mock-ups, etc., for a wide variety of reasons. The answer with some fairly rigid limitations is definitely yes. However this is a process that is not for everyone.

As a grandfather of four beautiful little girls between the ages of five and eight, this new box immediately caught my attention. Imagine a program designed to stimulate and empower young girls at their most impressionable age? The founder of this unique program did just that and we believe it has great and far reaching potential for a new generation of young ladies. Check out the Tia Girl … Read More

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